WordPress 5.1 … What’s new?

WordPress is a blogging and website content management system which is used by millions of people across the world and popularly known as the online, open-source website creation tool in the PHP language mainly used to create e-commerce websites. It is preferred by most of the developers as it is easy to use, less time consuming and it consists of many themes and plugins. WordPress recently released an update named “Betty”, which comes with more developer, editing and security features. This new version supports 34 languages.

Here are the new listed features of WordPress 5.1.

Site Health

To eliminate security issues of the sites, WordPress has added the feature of site health. This feature checks and alerts the user about the outdated versions of the PHP which can affect the security and also speed in the majority of the cases. It notifies the user about the new PHP updates and helps them install them. This new alert also notifies the user when unnecessary plugins are being installed or used.

Developers Tools

When WordPress released version 5.1, it has shown immense kindness to the developers by gifting them with the features like

  • Multisite metadata

To store metadata associated with the sites; this particular feature turns out to be very helpful.

  • Updated Cron API

The Updated Cron API can solve all the storage-related issues even when the number of events is increasing.

  • New JavaScript build processes

The new features with fix all the holes between modern JavaScript processes and WordPress.

  • Miscellaneous improvements

This particular feature of the new version definitely stands out from the rest. It offers WP_DEBUG_LOG, tests              for file constants and action hooks for new plugins.


Improved Editor’s Performance  

WordPress 5.1 offers improved editor’s performance to give the user a better experience while working. This particular version has embedded editor with some salient features like smoother, faster and responsive interface which promotes a user to quit older version. The improved editor also offers better optimization of the background processes.



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