Did you Know these Benefits of SMS Marketing

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Today, marketing has a plethora of domains and streams. While some rely on offline marketing domains, there are others who invest heavily in digital marketing and other online marketing tactics. However, amid the hullabaloo, the marketers mostly overlook one of the most effective marketing techniques – ‘SMS Marketing’.

A popular way of marketing (and even branding), SMS Marketing is an essential touchpoints in the world of promotion. And if you believe SMS Marketing is a tool of the past, here is Prarthana Associates Pvt. Ltd., a leading Bulk SMS Provider in India, explaining the various benefits of SMS Marketing.

  • A Very High Open Rate

Did you know that email opening rate is less than 25%? But when it comes to SMS, the opening rate is a whopping 98%. With such a high opening rate, you are sure to grab a very high impression rate of your message. Furthermore, if your text content is appealing and influencing enough, then tada! You could even bag a sale with a mere text message.


  • Personalized Touch

Even when you send lacs of SMS, you can personalize each of the messages. You can either change the name, order ID (in the case of transactional SMS), or even send greetings to your customers. When you personalize things, you get a better response from the recipients. Do make sure that your service provider offers personalization options. As a leading Bulk SMS Provider in Rajasthan, we offer personalized message services to our clients that help them achieve their objectives.

  • Cheap when Compared to Other Touch Points

The bulk SMS services are affordable as compared to other domains of marketing. Whether your purpose is sales, you wish to inform your customers about the transactions or you want to greet customers on festivals, you don’t have to spend a fortune on SMSes. A brownie tip! If you are looking for an affordable Bulk SMS Provider in Udaipur, then do remember the name Prarthana Associates Pvt. Ltd. [WINK].


  • Delivery Tracking

With Bulk SMS, tracking of message delivery is a piece of cake. The SMS boosting applications are now so advanced that they let you see the delivery details even when you have sent lacs of SMSes.


  • Scheduling of SMSes

Want to send a message at a specific time? Well, don’t wait for that time to come. (if time doesn’t wait for anyone, why should you?) Just schedule the message beforehand and the SMS application will do the rest for you. Before you choose a  Bulk SMS provider in India do ask them if they offer SMS schedule feature.


  • Faster Response

Unlike on other forms of marketing material and content, people take fast action on SMS messages. If there is a link in your message which takes the users to your portal then chances are that they would click on it immediately. There is also a vice versa version attached to it. If they are not interested in your text content or sales offer, the people would immediately delete the message. But every cloud has a silver lining! In case, your message gets deleted or ignored, then you can always optimize your text and send it again.

  • Strengthens Your Relation with the Customers

When you send weekly or bi-weekly messages to your customers, you further strengthen your bond with your customers. You can even opt for birthday wishes and festival greetings via messages. With such messages, you always stay on the top-of-the-mind of your customers. But again, bombarding your customers with messages every now and then may sour your relationship with them. As a responsible Bulk SMS provider in Rajasthan, we suggest our clients to limit their messages to 2 to 4 per month to keep messages bounce rate under control.


  • Mobile-Friendly

And here we are at the last (but the best) benefit of SMS Marketing. It’s the mobile-first world and any communication or message that is not mobile-friendly might lose its appeal. But it’s SMS which is made just for mobile devices. Thus, it is quite an effective tool for communication.

Wrapping Up

Mobile marketing is at its boom, with SMS marketing growing by leaps and bounds. Do leverage the power of SMS to strengthen your customer relation, branding, and promotion purposes. If you are looking for the best bulk SMS service provider, Prarthana Associates is here to lend a helping hand. We offer affordable Bulk SMS packages which are effective and pocket-friendly. End your search for the best Bulk SMS Provider in Udaipur or even in India with us.


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